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If you want to hear or see more from our host Jacob Mchangama, you can explore some of his appearances in other shows or events that deal with some of the same issues as Clear and Present Danger - A History of Free Speech.


A conversation w/ Jacob Mchangama, Host of 'Clear and Present Danger: A History of Free Speech" podcast.

- Pronouncing Mchangama
- A Bit of Free Speech History
- Cartoon Jihad
- Panic and Crisis
- Culture and Legislation
- A Filthy Joke
- 'The Great Awokening'
- An Abrupt Ending



What Europe Can Teach the United States about Free Speech

After three decades of constant gains, global respect for free speech has been in decline since 2004. In the recent past even Europe’s liberal democracies have contributed to the decline by adopting increasingly restrictive measures in the name of national security, the countering of hate speech, and, most recently, standing against “fake news.” Does Europe’s model of “militant democracy” offer promising lessons for embattled democracies or a dangerous abandonment of first principles? Should the United States follow the European lead or remain true to its exceptional protection for extreme and disturbing speech? Please join us for a candid and intriguing discussion of issues that have once again put freedom of speech on the agenda of developed nations.

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What Europe Can Teach the United States about Free Speech

In this Cato Unbound lead essay, Jacob Mchangama describes what he terms a “cross-fertilization of censorship,” in which regimes both free and unfree are in the process of copying one another’s restrictions on expressive freedoms. More liberal countries still frequently restrict hate speech, while less liberal ones use those restrictions to justify still more restrictive acts. The world’s centuries-long march toward freedom of expression seems to have halted. Can it be restarted?

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