Steven Pinker

“We mustn’t allow free speech to fade into a feel-good slogan. It is an unintuitive principle with a rationale that many don’t appreciate and a history that many don’t know. […]

Jonathan Rauch

“Freedom of speech is the most successful social policy ever – and also the most counterintuitive. Jacob Mchangama’s delightful podcast series paints vivid portraits of the lives, ideas, and struggles […]

Paul Cartledge

“Free speech in the ancient Athenian democracy, as  Jacob Mchangama so brilliantly and wittily makes clear …was one of the cardinal and fundamental principles of ancient Greek demokratia…..So important are […]

Eric Heinze

“Throughout much of history, free speech advocates have been progressives fighting elite power structures.  Karl Marx rightly opposed and indeed lampooned press censorship.  It is a tragedy of the 20th […]

Dunja Mijatovic

”After impressive gains, free speech is once again in retreat across the globe. This development should concern all who care about democracy, freedom, and truth. Free speech superstar Jacob Mchangama’s […]

Flemming Rose

“The podcast provides an engaging and inspiring history of free speech that is accessible to anyone interested in a topic that is fundamental to every human being and society. If […]